Sweet Pea

SWEET PEA There once was a little girl named sweet pea, who moved from town to town, state to state, but she stayed in the same country... while on her travels she encountered a strange looking box.... I wonder what special powers that box holds she thought??? It seems to be talking to that man and he seems to be talking back , but there is no one there ..... puzzled by this she went up to the stranger and asked... Nice man what are you doing??? you seem to be talking to some one but there is no one there.... the man looked over his shoulder and replied go away little girl and leave me alone.... sweet pea was so taken aback by the gruffness of the man, that she ran home crying all the way.... quite a few years had passed when our beloved sweet pea went shopping and she came across another box like the one she had seen when she was so young... it had been so long that she almost forgot about the gruff man and the box he was talking to.... this time she was determined to find out what was in that box that made it talk... she went up to the box in the store and said " hello my name is sweet pea and I want to talk to you"... in the back ground she heard a muffled laugh.. turning she saw a sales man.. what are you laughing at she asked... why you the sales man replied.... you seem to think that you can just go up to that computer and start talking to it... I hope you are not waiting for it to reply.. and he chuckled again... computer she asked? what is a computer???

Then the sales man went over to the computer and turned a switch on the side... the box seemed to come to life all by it's self..

oh my sweet pea replied that is neat… how can I have one of these computer things? she asked. Well the sales man said you will need to bye it and then it will take a few days to deliver it to your door. OK sweet pea said how much will it cost ?? for you the sales man said it will be 900 dollars… 900 dollars sweet pea said that is a lot of money… but I think I can do it….

So Our beloved sweet pea gave the man the money and told him where to deliver it.

It took about three days till she received her computer and when the box came she could hardly wait to open it. She carefully unpacked the computer, and put it together according to the little book that came with it. After she got it all put together and plugged in, she flipped the switch on side like the salesman had done. But to here dismay nothing happened .. how can this be she exclaimed? It is just like the one in the store, did he sell me a broken one?? Then she pushed one of the keys and the computer sprang to life... oh my she exclaimed... so that is how it works!! she started to push all types of keys and play with the different programs that the computer came with... after she had mastered them all she noticed there was one that she had not tried. It was located in the upper hand corner all by its self and it was marked AOL. I wonder what this program does?? she said. she took the mouse and put it on the program marked AOL. So she clicked it and the program came to life and took her through the set up of all that it could do.. she was so excited that now she could reach out and talk to people of the world from her room. she decided to take a journey through the world of cyber space.. on her journey she encountered many nice people that chatted with her as if they had known her for years.. this is fun she thought, although I need to leave now I must come back and visit these nice people again, she said her good byes signed off and turned off the computer.

All that day and into the night she keep thinking of the people that she had meet on the computer and how pleasant it was to talk to them. She could not wait to sign back on and talk to them again. this time when she sign on she ran into all types of people and non people, there were fairies and elf's and a strange creature call a horny toad. the toads seemed to be every were! one time while she was looking around she ran into a pack of toads, she found out that they were called that because they had tongues that they could shoot out of there mouths and catch anyone or anything in there reach... they also had a way of starting a conversation with obscenities. she found these creatures interesting in the way that they would track down a woman and try to get there jolliest off.. they were relentless in there pursuit of these poor women but they were mainly harmless...as long as person stayed out of the reach of there tongues. she would laugh at there antics and even join in conversation with them... she found it fun to get them excited and then just leave, leaving them in a state of arousal... but this also got boring for her after a while and she would always go and find her friends that would talk to her in a normal manner. she found that she had all types of friends in this world known as AOL. she also found that there was all types rooms where people of all walks of life lived. It seem to her that this world was real in the minds of the people that lived there, but she had enough sense to know that it was not..

Once while there she visited a place called the forest, the eleven people lived there, and they talked about there world, there was many types of elf that lived there, there were wood nymphs that talked about there trees and the way that if they leave. the tree will die.. the elf were a brave people that were proud of there skills. they were great marks men that can hit a moving target 900 yards away . they had big pointy ears and a silvery tone to there skin. they were a kind people that would take strangers in and treat them like there own.. but she noticed that once crossed there was no more fierce an enemy that could befall anyone. She made many friends there and was told that she was always welcome, and to please come back and visit sometime. Upon her departure the gave her a special charm that would protect her in her travels through this cyber world that she was traveling in. She thanked them and said her good byes, told them that she would come back and visit soon. With that sweet pea signed off and went back to the real world…Until her next adventure…..

Sweet pea went to work the next day, and all she could think about was the marvelous world that she had been the night before… so much so that she could hardly wait to get off so she could go back there again. The time for her to get off work finally came and she rushed home so that she could visit the world of AOL again..

On her next visit she encountered a great many wonderful people and creatures... she was so taken by one that she could not seem to get him out of her mind...sure there were those that came and went from her life on AOL but she did not care for those like this one .... they would talk for hours on end ....talking about anytthing and everything.... life seemed so good to her at that time .. then it happened... her friend left as quickly as they came in to her life.... she was so sad .... that she did not want to visit this realm again . but something keeped bringing her back she could not explain what it was ...some force that keeped pulling her in to this world ..deeper and deeper ..it seemed to call her every waking minute....so she went to the calling to fine what or who was calling... she traveled to the diffrent lands that she had been in but it was not there she went to other lands and could not seem to find what it was ... this is so strange she thought... what am I dooing ??

She could not figure it out... then she met a strange person that was a grump… he was a gruff man that was not as he seemed. This grump was really a nice person in side but he hid behind his gruffness, she told him of her travels and the interesting people that she had meet... and he told her of his travels, how he had been adopted by a wolf pack... how this wolf pack took him on many hunts, and tought him to apprecate the simple things that life had to offer. they were a nice pack that cared for there own and would let no harm befall one of there own... he also told her of the magic that they taught him... it was a good time in his life... he also told her how he came across a pixie that sprinkled happy dust on him so that he would always have a happy heart, it seem to work because after he had meet her he was a verry happy person.. then he told her of a lady that he meet that was special in his heart... she brought him joy.. so much joy that it was hard to explain in mere words ... he took her to a special place that he usally did not let anyone see... here he showed her that joy... it was a strange place... it was somewhere between the real world and AOL. there seemed to be no walls or floor... it was if she was floating in air... it was indeed a special place.. sshe could feel the happiness in the air around her.. and there she discovered that all things that happen do so for a reason.. he was right in that mere words could not explain what he wanted to share with her...it was there that he told her about his many adventures in the land of AOL. she learned about his adopted cyber daughter and how she was a hellion a real hand full if you will, but he also said how he was verry found of her but now to let her know how he felt... they had some wonderful conversations with him, and found a place in his heart... he found that her name fit her even though she tried to be tuff he knew that she was really just a sweet heart. she was so taken by this place that she asked the old grump if she could stay and forget her troubles... how she had alot to think about and that she need a safe and quite place to find the answers to what bothered her the most... the old grump just smiled and told her that she needed to find her own place of happiness... that she could stay for as long as she wanted but she could no hide here..... she need to go out and face what ever it was that was troubling her... she thanked him and rested for the night.

the next morrning things did indeed look better to her...perhaps all she really needed was a good rest .... she looked up and saw the old grump...how long have I been here she asked? you have been asleep for two cyber moons he replied.. two cyber moons how long is that ??? well it is the amount of time in this place that people need to get there thoughts together... outside in the real world it would be thought of as a day and a half he replied... you are on your way to finding the answers that you are searching for he told her. she thanked him and ask that he take back to where they firs meet before they came to this place of his...he just smiled and then winked at her... to her supprise they were back... he thanked her for visiting him and that if she ever need him again that all she would have to do is think his name and he would appear .... she told him that she did not know his name and alll he did was smile...yes you do he said it is planted in your heart alll you need to do is look there and you will see it.... but just in case he leand close and wispered in her ear and said ****** that is all you need to say and I will be there... but rest assured I will always be looking out for you .... with that he smiled and vanished.... sweet pea felt this sudden joy at knowing what was shared with her... she looked around for some of her friends to share this with but now one was around ... she could not find anyone.. just then she heard a little voice in her head that told her that she was the only one that would understand the knowlage that she just learned and to keep it to her self... with this and a smile knowing that the little voice was right she sign off for the night........... .