Once upon a time in a land far far away lived a kind and generous people. These people were governed by a king who was anything but nice to his subjects. The king would take what he could from his people working them harder and harder just to fill his coffers. He would raise their taxes just so he could get what ever he wanted from them. You see these were kind a honest people that took there lot in life with stride. They would work their day away only to have the king take it all away. They were a simple people with no real leader of their village. At night the whole village would gather around a big fire and tell of a time to come. And of a person that would bring that time at hand. The tales and lore that were told around the fire was inspiration enough to keep them going.
The lore told about a great one that would come and deliver them from the tyranny of the king. This great one would show them the way to a better life. All along the Forest where the people roamed this tale was spread, never knowing if it was true nor when it would happen. But it was spread all the same. The word spread so quickly that word got back to the king, who kept a watchful eye on his people. Looking for that one that might bring them the deliverance that was told. As the years passed and the king grew old and wicked he forgot of the lore. His only great pass time was to see how much more he could squeeze from his people. Taxes were raised so that the average man would have to work twice as hard in the fields to make enough food for his family.
The people never gave up the faith that this great one would appear, someday born of one of them. Every time there was a birth in the village all would gather around to view the baby. Hoping that it was the savior that the tale told of. If it were a boy that was given birth to all the village elders would proclaim that it was he. The savior had arrived, only to recount in a few years. You see it was a mans world and a woman did not count for much in the laws of the land. Only to comfort and care for her husband and family. A few more years passed and with the birth of every new boy child the elders would proclaim and then recant.
The people did not realize what was in store for them. With the coming of winter and the stores stocked in their bins. There was a terrible snowstorm, one that had not been seen for as long as can be remembered. During this snowstorm a child born to the village that was like no other child. The elders quickly strode up to the hut in which she was born. Looking with some apprehension they viewed the child. Quickly claiming that this could not be the great one due to the fact that it was a female. With that they returned to their huts to wait out the snowfall. They were in for a great surprise.
Heather was happy for the first time in her life things were going good. She was married to a wonderful man, and the winter was mild, and there was plenty of food. Things were not always this good for her. In her youth she spent long hours in the fields tending to the crops of the family farm. She had little time to enjoy her self, with all the work that needed to be done to live on this harsh land. But that all changed when she met Damson, he was a good man kind in every sense of the way. She use to think back on the first time she met him. Standing there in the forest acting like he was not looking on her. Every time she would look in his direction he would look away, a sure sign that he was interested in her. With a smile she would look at him on purpose just for the reaction. This thought would allow her to complete the things that she needed. That seemed so long ago and yet so close to now. In the spring she married Damson, and started a home for the both of them. Helping with the task of building a house and creating a home. They both worked hand in hand and were so much in love that their sparse possessions did not matter. They had each other.
Heather became pregnant shortly after their marriage and there was music in the air. The day she found out was a special day for her and Damson, the air seemed to sparkle and the animals of the forest sang songs of wonderment.
She continued to work through her pregnancy the fields stilled needed to be tended to and the live stock what little there was stilled needed care. She would work the day long smiling knowing that soon she was to be a mother. The days of spring went quickly and summer passed in a blink of an eye. Once again the days began to grow shorter and the air took on that all familiar coolness that could only be old man winter showing his head. Heather's pregnancy was a smooth one and according to Damson she radiated with more beauty everyday. Yes this was going to be a special child born into this world.
Angela was born in December during the height of winter, on the day she was born the village elders came to see the new child of the village. It was snowing quite hard that day and the whole village was in a state. A new life was being born into there mist, there was excitement and wonder. Could this be the child of the lore? This was the question on everyone's mind, most of the village women that were with child did not grow in beauty as Heather did. Yes the village was in an up roar. When Angela was older she was told of the old men coming to view her then leaving shaking here heads. She was told of the village up roar upon her birth, and how she was deemed not to be the chosen one. Heather would not let her believe that she was not special, and always told her that she was. She remembered how her mother would sing to her and tell her that one-day she would rise above this common village and perform great things in this world.
As the years passed and Angela was allowed to go out and play, she found that the other children treated her badly as if she were cursed. One day after this treatment she came in crying to her mother. Mother why do the other kids treat me so bad? And her mother would always answer her with the same words. People are stupid at times; the other kids just don't understand you that is all. She found that the forest was the only place comfort was afforded her. As the years passed and Angela was growing into a fine young woman she found that more and more she was spending time in the forest. So much so that her mother was always reminding her of the chores that were expected of her. One day while she was sitting in her favorite meadow thinking of nothing really just how the world would be if all the strife and pain was gone. Something strange happened to her. Out of the far corner where the meadow joined with the forest a fox came trotting along. Curious as to what would make this animal show its self in broad daylight Angela just sat there watching. She wondered as to what the fox was up to? Because you know that foxes do not usually show them self's in the day, too many hunters out looking for the fur as well as the meat that would be put on the table. Slowly the fox came out into the middle of the meadow, looking in all directions and then pointing his nose into the air. Sniffing for some sign of danger. Then as if he knew where he was going and what he was looking for he headed straight towards Angela. This had a startling effect on her, you see she had always enjoyed the birds of the woods and other small animals. They use to come up to her and sing or prance around her feet as she sat lazy in the summer sun. A fox was another story, he had teeth that would eat her up if he wanted to.
Though there was fear in her the curiosity got the best of her. She sat there waiting for that mean old fox to get closer. Closer he did come in fact he was trotting straight towards her, she thought that she saw something shinny hanging on his neck. The closer that old fox came the more she saw the distinct glimmer of something shiny. This perplexed Angela for this was a wild fox and should not have a collar of any sorts. >br> Just then the fox made the last bound and was standing at her feet. Hello he said, mind if I sit here for a while? Now this was not a usual thing to be happening. You see Angela was use to the birds singing their songs, and the frogs croaking along with a beat. She was use to the wind blowing through the trees making a wonderful melody, but never has an animal spoken to her especially in her own language Why yes she replied, please make your self comfortable, with that the fox sat at her feet. Oh forgive me he said to her I have not introduced my self, I am Nilfisk and you are? I am Angela she replied I live in the village just past the knoll there. Pleased to meet you he replied, I am going to tell you a story that you will find hard to believe but it is a true story and one that will change your world. As he was talking to her Angela started to feel as if she were floating on air, light as the clouds.
You see he began, I am Nilfisk I have come along way to find you. Me she replied What ever for?
You see Angela you are the one from the lore, he started out. The lore has been changed quit a bit in the time sense it has been told. You are about to hear the real tale of the great one. You see back at the beginning of time there were great gods that ruled the lands. Each held a kingdom that that was a quarter of the world. For each corner there was a sphere that contained one element of the world. Those were happy days, there was no war, no hunger, just peace and tranquility.
On each of the Gods lands there lived a people, their nature was that of their Gods. As the fox spoke Angela found that she could see the world as he described it. The four colors surrounding each quarter of the world like a haze of magic. There was a fine line between each color. Slowly she felt her self-descending into the blue world, the color blue surrounded her and there was a feeling of softness and comfort. This world seemed to be at peace with everything, the people were working along side of each other with a harmony that was strange but also comforting. As she wavered there for a moment she started to move again to the next section of the world. She came upon the red section of the world, here there was anger and fighting. It was a horrible place no one got along. The land was desolate and torn, I wonder how anyone could live here she though. This was not a place that she wanted to stay and as those thoughts of leaving were approaching her, she felt a pulling. Into the next realm she went. It was the realm of orange, this was a strange place every one was old, it was as if it were the place that you go to die. Everything was the colors orange and yellow, a world of autumn and end. As she surveyed the countryside she felt the familiar pulling again. The next world she visited was green; here everything was young and new there was happiness in the part of the world. Not the same happiness as she found in the blue world it was a bit different more of a certainty that what was ahead was better.